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Beginning Monday, March 30 we will be accepting curbside pickup or orders for shipping only until further notice.  Please email me at and include your phone number.  I will have your order ready within 24 hours and will call to confirm that it is ready.  Pick up times will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. We will continue to provide long arm service while we are closed.  If you have a quilt to be long armed, please email me and I will contact you to set up a time for you to drop off the quilt and select your thread and design. 
Thank you for your understanding.  I will miss seeing you all but want everyone to stay safe!  Hopefully this will be over soon!  Debbie






Thread - Polyester



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Aurofil Cotton Mako Thread


Cotton Mako Thread 40wt 1000m Light Jade


Fil-Tec Glide Thread 5000m


Isacord 1000m Polyester Thread - All Colors


King Tut Cotton Quilting Thread 3-ply 40wt 2000yds Karnak


King Tut Cotton Quilting Thread 3-ply 40wt 2000yds Rosetta Stone


King Tut Cotton Quilting Thread 3-ply 40wt 2000yds Rubiyah


King Tut Cotton Quilting Thread 3-ply 40wt 2000yds Thebes


King Tut Quilting 2000yds Holly and Ivy


Magna-Glide Delights Styl L 72yd Pre-wound Bobbins Cotton Candy 10 Per Jar


Magnifico #2008 Pink Pink Pink #40 Poly 3000yd Cone


Magnifico #2038 Orange Popsicle #40 Poly 3000yd Cone


Mako Cotton Thread Solid 50wt 1422yds Natural White


Metrosene Plus 547yds


Metrosene Poly Thread 50wt 150m/164yds Black


Mettler Thread - Lg Spool


Mettler Thread - Various


Napa Valley Wine YLI Machine Quilting 3000yd


OMNI Poly 40wt 6000yd ADRIFT


OMNI Poly 40wt 6000yd BLUE ICE


OMNI-V #9031 Taffy 2000yd Cone


OMNI-V #9041 Berry Smoothie 2000yd Cone


OMNI-V #9045 Red Hot 2000yd Cone


Original Metallic Nylon/Polyester Thread 40wt 215d 165yds Gold


Quilters Edition 3000yd CHAMBRAY


Red Hat Club YLI Machine Quilting 3000yd


Robison Anton Super Strength Thread


Robison-Anton Super Strength 40 Wt


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct AQUA


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct ASH MIST


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct BLUE SHADOW


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct COUNTRY RED


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct EGGSHELL


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct GLACIER


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct GOLD


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct OLIVE DRAB


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct ORCHID


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct POMEGRANATE


Seracor 50wt 2734yd 4ct TWINE


Silk Finish Cotton 50 WT


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