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Serendipity Quilting Studio, Inc.
Quilt of the Month Contest
Beginning Monday, March 30 we will be accepting curbside pickup or orders for shipping only until further notice.  Please email me at and include your phone number.  I will have your order ready within 24 hours and will call to confirm that it is ready.  Pick up times will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. We will continue to provide long arm service while we are closed.  If you have a quilt to be long armed, please email me and I will contact you to set up a time for you to drop off the quilt and select your thread and design. 
Thank you for your understanding.  I will miss seeing you all but want everyone to stay safe!  Hopefully this will be over soon!  Debbie

Think you’ve made a prize-winning quilt?  Enter it in our Quilt of the Month contest!!  The quilt maker of the winning quilt will receive a $20 Gift Certificate from Serendipity Quilting Studio, Inc. 

In our newsletter every month, we will ask for entries.  Email us a photograph of your quilt and from all the submissions we will select the quilt of the month.  Send emails to  Entries are normally due by the 20th of each month and winners announced by the 25th of the month.


  • “Quilt” is defined as a wall hanging, table runner, or bed covering that is made of padding enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place by lines of stitching, typically applied in a decorative design.  At this time, bags and totes are not included.
  • The maker of the winning quilt agrees to:

o   Allow the store to hang the quilt for display for a period of 30 days (1st through 30th of the month) following the winning month.  For example, if the picture is submitted in October, the winning quilt will hang in the store during the month of November.

o   Ensure that the quilt has adequate hanging material (e.g. sleeve, hoops, etc.)

o   Provide the store with the quilt information to also be displayed, including:

  1. Name of who pieced the quilt
  2. Name of who quilted the quilt
  3. Pattern Used
  4. Fabric Used
  5. Description/Story of the quilt

  • Serendipity Quilting Studio, Inc. will:

o Award the winner a $20 gift certificate for use in purchasing products or attending classes at the store. 

o Display the quilt for the month, including signage for “Do Not Touch the Quilt”

NOTE:  Employees of Serendipity Quilting Studio Inc. and their families are not eligible to enter the quilt contest.

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